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Danger Area Information

Here on the site, we also contain information on the local danger areas. Not only for reference for the pilots who are flying around the county or into the airport. But also for those living locally who may wish to walk through the danger area along the coastal footpath.

There are 2 main danger areas in Pembrokeshire. (Scroll down for Firing Times)


Those being, Manorbier RAR (ADR) and Castlemartin. Out of the 2 ranges, Castlemartin is the set of ranges that tend to be more active however, Manorbier can become active at anytime.


Both ranges attract a lot of use due to their sheer size and the space available to not only ground firing but also the ability to train helicopter and fighter pilots with Air/Ground exercises.

Pembrokeshire sees host to a lot of these exercises which can last from a day, to sometimes, a few weeks. This “Ranges” page will also contain NOTAMS issued for such activity.

The Important stuff:


We’d like to remind those reading the site, information is published purely for reference and ALL information can be subject to change at short notice so we strongly advise you to follow official routes for any confirmation you need.

The above warning is also even more strongly stressed to the pilots who are flying in to the area. Please refer to your known official sources and don’t act upon the information within the site.


Military Air Traffic

With the exercises and also the general activity that happens around the area of the ranges.

You can expect to see low flying helicotpers/jets and general air activity not only around Haverfordwest Airport, but also the county as a whole. Pilots are free to contact that control tower at the airport where a copy of any known information is published.

Search and Rescue 169 Sea King, Haverfordwest Airport EGFE.

Army Merlin Helicopter visits EGFE For a refuel. Haverfordwest Airport, EGFE


Range Firing Times

 Firing Times for February 2014

Castlemartin 0900 hrs – 1630 hrs

3-7,    10-14,    17-21,    24-28

Manorbier 0830-1800



Night Firing Times

Castlemartin 1830 : 2330 hrs

6,    11-13,   25-27,

Manorbier: Up to 2300 hrs.



> >

The road from Bosherston to St. Govan’s Chapel and coastal path to Broadhaven will be CLOSED

3-7,    10-14,    17-18,   24-28

: < <

Blank Firing and the use of Pyrotechnics WILL take place throughout  February


Fastjet and /or helicopter activity



Heavy vehicle movement can be expected through February


Unscheduled firing may take place on Castlemartin Range, more daily info can be found by ringing 01646 662 367 after 0800 daily for the firing programme.

:: The Pembrokeshire Coast Path passes through the Eastern seaward side of the Range and is open the the public on NON FIRING days. Please keep to the road and footpath itself which is marked out by white posts. ALL other areas of the Range are OUT OF BOUNDS to the public. ::

RED FLAGS will fly when the ranges are active and RED LIGHTS by night.

Unauthorised Access


During non-firing times, the Range Danger Area is now patrolled by serving military staff and in addition, troops under training are briefed to challenge any civilians they see on the range. The MoD will not tolerate unauthorised access within the danger area and appropriate action will be taken using both civilian and MoD police forces.

DO NOT TOUCH any unfamiliar object found on the Range, Beach or in the Sea.

Contact Tel Nos: Warren Tower (Week Days) 01646 662336

Guard Room (Out of Hours) 01646 662280

Range Office (Working Hours) 01646 662496/662225

ADR Manorbier,

Up to date info on the range can be gathered by contacting 01834 870 098 ( Pre Recorded Message ). Help desk is available during normal office hours on 01834 871 282.

When the Range is active, practice and Exercise Area (PEXA) Warning Broadcasts for Manorbier Range will be given, either by the Range Authority or a Range Safety Vessel, on VHF Channels 16 and 73 at 08:30hrs and 14:30hrs, and at the end of each day’s activity.

Info sourced MOD and DTE websites.

NOTAM Information

Ref: D0084/14
Code: RDCD
Traffic: VFR IFR
Purpose: PIB entry Operationally significant for flights
Scope: Nav Warning
Lower limit (FL): 000
Upper limit (FL): 230
Centre and radius (nm): 5139N00447W003
Start date/time: 31/01/2014 08:30 UTC
End date/time: 28/03/2014 17:00 UTC
Activity period: MON-FRI 0830-1700
Lower height limit: 000
Upper height limit: 230


Ref: D0087/14
Code: RDCD
Traffic: VFR IFR
Purpose: PIB entry Operationally significant for flights
Scope: Nav Warning
Lower limit (FL): 000
Upper limit (FL): 400
Centre and radius (nm): 5133N00446W011
Start date/time: 31/03/2014 07:30 UTC
End date/time: 25/04/2014 16:00 UTC
Activity period: MON-FRI 0730-1600
Lower height limit: 000
Upper height limit: 400




BAe Hawk during low level flying over Pembrokeshire operating to Castlemartin Range. Army Lynx leaves Haverfordwest (Withybush) Airport after a hot refuel.

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