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Airport Status:

*Airport Closed*

Movements for 31st December

Haverfordwest Movements:

Large Twin engined aircraft noted operating toward the field early morning possibly Poyston4 G-BVYF

G-IANJ C150K Touch and Go’s 1028 to land at 1044

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire Departing at 1233

Swansea Para G-LEAP BN2 heard calling the field to wish those a Happy New Year not sure if he landed at 1320

Manorbier Range Movements:

Ranges UnActive

Castlemartin Range Movements:

Ranges UnActive

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Movements For 30th December 2008

Haverfordwest Movements:

G-LEAP BN2 Departed to Swansea at 1015

G-IANJCessna150K noted inbound from the East at 1036 for touch and Gos’ RWY09

Pipeline03 G-BXNS Noted passing that field to the East at 1054 then back over the town at 1111 departed East this time for Pembrey 1120 ( Thanks to Spencer )

G-BHYA Cessna182 departed to the East some time Mid Morning no time noted.

G-CEBV Europa XS noted routing to the overhead at 1205 to route around and back to Pembrey

G-BFOG Cessna150M noted Touch and Go’s dinnertime.

Manorbier Range Movements:

Ranges UnActive

Castlemartin Range Movements:

Ranges UnActive

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27th December 2008

Haverfordwest Movements:

G-PJTM C172KII Departing HAV at 0940 Towards Cardiff

G-IMLI C310Q Departed Home at 0951 To the East. Possibly following G-TM

G-IFTS R44 Passing South of the Field to a Private Site near St Davids. 0952..lifting from St Davids at 1534

G-FANL C172K II Departing to the East 1022 returning after a run at 1027… Touch and Go’s 1300

G-AVJF C172H II Departed 1045 Local Flight Returned 1105

G-IANJ C150K Touch and Go’s 1052 – 1105

G-BSSB C150L Inbound 1125

G-BATW AA5 Inbound from Swansea 1132….1223 departed to Swansea

G-BWEG Europa Inbound from Dunkeswell at time 1154… Departed 1338

G-BRBV Piper Cub Inbound at 1157

G-BFOG C150M Inbound from a local Flight at 1235 possibly for Touch & Go’s. T&G `12551330 Departing to Narberth 1429 to head North. Local Flight.. Rejoin 1454

G-AZWB PiperPA28 Inbound from Kemble at 1306

G-BYBD C172H Inbound from the East 1312…Heading home to Derby 1421

G-PSHR Augusta Bell206 Inbound from the East 1416.. Running Re-Fuel to stop for a cuppa Tea…Departed Gloucester 1522

G-BPWR C172K II Circuits and Local Activity 1421

G-CECV VansRV7 Inbound from Caernarfon 1427 Departed for Caernarfon around Midday

Departing to the East 1514 Inbound Call not heard.

Of Note: G-PJTM Inbound at 1743 to Land on the Lit Runway of 21. Unusual to see a tin in the dark.

Manorbier Range Movements:

Chinook Noted active from the range heading North towards the Preseli Mountains. 1148

Castlemartin Range Movements:

:None Of Note:

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Welcome to EGFE Movements

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to the EGFE Movements BLOG that covers Haverfordwest Airport and the surrounding areas in Pembrokeshire.

I will try my very best to provide movements at HAW and also local Range Activity from Castlemartin and Manorbier.

I would like to make readers aware that due to the current time of year Movements at HAW are now very limited but this WILL pick up in Spring 2009.

Many Thanks


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