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Recent Updates. 01-02-2009

Just a quick notice with regards recent updates on the website.

Please Note: * in a sub category along the top Signifies recent updates.

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Site News Bulletin

26th January 2009 – 30th January 2009

We would just like to make all readers aware that there are new downloads now available here.

They currently consist of a Desktop wallpaper available in 3 sizes. Which is G-UMMI of Haverfordwest Air Charter. We are looking to expand our downloads and we would like to hear anything you feel would make a good download. Just drop us an email to

Or Just Post a comment here:

We welcome any suggestions you have as we provide this service to YOU the reader.



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Welcome to EGFE Movements

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to the EGFE Movements BLOG that covers Haverfordwest Airport and the surrounding areas in Pembrokeshire.

I will try my very best to provide movements at HAW and also local Range Activity from Castlemartin and Manorbier.

I would like to make readers aware that due to the current time of year Movements at HAW are now very limited but this WILL pick up in Spring 2009.

Many Thanks


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