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Rescue 169 Involved in Cliff Rescue


The RAF Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter, “Rescue 169” based in Chivenor, was involved in the rescue of a person from a cliff late Wednesday night after  becoming stuck.

Emergency services searched Newgale beach last night, following reports that an 11-year-old boy was stuck in a precarious position twenty foot up a cliff.

Milford Haven Coastguard received a 999 call at 9.25pm. Broadhaven and St Davids coastguards were tasked to the beach, RAF 169 from Chivenor was requested and Little Haven inshore lifeboat was launched.

The casualty was located and the lifeboat provided lighting to illuminate the rescue.

Coastguards, using cliff rescue equipment, lowered two rope men down to the casualty, who turned out to be an 18-year-old man, not a child as believed by the caller.

Coastguards first secured the teen, who was in a very dangerous position. Then all three were lowered to the base of the cliff.

The man did not require medical attention and suitable safety advice was given. The rescue helicopter was stood down and returned to Chivenor.

Coastguard said they had dealt with several incidents yesterday, all around the British coast, which involved people climbing and getting stuck on cliffs.

One such incident in Cornwall resulted in the death of an 11-year-old girl who slipped and fell.

“We would remind all, that cliffs can be dangerous,” said a coastguard spokesman, “and we would ask parents to ensure that their children are not placing themselves at risk.”

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Air Ambulance Respond to Horesefly Bite


Emergency Services responded to an incident yesterday (Thursday the 12th) after a man bit by a horsefly suffered a sever reaction whilst working on the Pembroke Power Station.

Emergency services were called to Pembroke Power Station yesterday (Thursday) after a worker had a severe reaction to a horsefly bite.

At around 1pm the air ambulance was called after the man’s condition deteriorated so much that waiting for the land ambulance was no longer an option.

After being initially treated in Alstom’s medical centre the site supervisor was taken to the onsite helipad before being transferred to Withybush Hospital.

Once treated, the man returned to work with advice to carry an EpiPen containing one shot of adrenaline.

Head of UK Power Communications for Alstom, Samantha Korkmaz, said: “Alstom prides itself on its health and safety and takes these matters very seriously.” She added that the situation was dealt with quickly because of the staff’s timely reactions.

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Pregnant Woman Airlifted from Whitesands Beach, St Davids


A pregnant woman was airlifted by the Wales Air Ambulance from a St Davids beach on Tuesday ( 10/08/2010 ) after suffering a two metre fall and sustaining injuries.

A heavily pregnant woman was airlifted from Whitesands beach, St Davids, yesterday (Tuesday).

The 38-year-old woman, who was 30 weeks pregnant, fell two metres, landing on her head and stomach. She sustained head injuries and was dazed.

St Davids and Fishguard coastguard teams helped clear a landing area and attended to the casualty prior to the arrival of Helimed 57 air ambulance.

The woman was taken to Withybush Hospital for treatment.

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Diver with bends taken to hospital


Two divers suffering from with the diving problem of the bends were airlifted to hospital after suffering from the life threatening problem earlier this week just off Skomer Island.

Milford Haven Coastguard was alerted regarding the situation about 1230 BST and the RAF Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter from RAF Chivenor in Devon was tasked to the incident.

The two divers plus another diver who was feeling unwell but did not have the bends, or decompression sickness, were flown by the SaR Sea King to Withybush Hospital.

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