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About Us

Welcome to the About Us Page here at EGFE Movements.

Below is an insight into why we do the work we do and what we aim to give to the readers of the site.


EGFE Movements was started by myself Callum Goldthorpe back in December 2008 where I decided upon a strategy to help boost the Aviation Enthusiasts aspects across Wales. Once discovering the small aviation email groups I realised that the only place really covered across Wales, was the home airport of Cardiff, or Rhoose as some better know it.

I therefore as mentioned decided to focus close to home on reporting the movements for Haverfordwest for 2 main reasons.

  1. It would allow fellow Aviation Enthusiasts to tie up any aircraft they see from or too the area and would be able to record the sighting or note it as a “cop”

2.  Hopefully give Pilots coming to the area something to refer to if needed and also a point of reference or to see activity at the field and allow local pilots to see something being pro-active for what I personally believe to be a cracking little airport.

Since the old blog days in December 2008 I decided that I would be able to do more and offer better features for the readers if a website was introduced. This is where Max Hawkins stepped in to help custom build a new site with the ideas and features intended, that I hope to think people are benefiting from.  It was a very long Christmas working on the site, even on Christmas Day in order to meet the launch on 1st January 2009 to which I’m glad to say, after many hours of tweaking and re-designing Max sorted.

We soon came along to adding new things, like Local Range activity and along with a great photographer onboard, namely Adrian, being able to capture some nice shots of those all things moving at the airport. As you will soon read below, we are always open to new ideas.

Our Aims to the Reader.

It was always in my mindset to try and offer two purposes for the site. Those being 1:  A list of movements and information for the avid Aviation Enthusiasts like our own EGFE Team and 2: Branch out into helping serve information to pilots or those interested in the airport/area.

We do keep our minds widely open to Reader Input all the time, and if you have something you think would be useful or something you think the site needs, We would really appreciate your feedback. (Contact Details Below)

As a small close note, We are not anything to do with the airport or County Council. Just a group of 5 friends aiming to deliver a site for Haverfordwest (Withybush) Airport.

We hope for 20,000 hits by the end of 2009 and we are ever thinking of new ideas and new features to bring to the site.

We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful and return again and again to see updates etc.

And as a final point, I would just like to pass on my huge Thanks to the Team – Max, Adrian, Ian and Calum for the help they provide me in keeping it together. And last but by no means least, Peter Hopkins, Airport Supervisor at H/west for the valuable help and friendliness in which he gives us.


25th January 2010

A brief update from us. We archived our aim by reaching 23,700 hits by New Years Eve 2009, We are now into our second year of reporting for Haverfordwest and the ranges. We hope you continue to support us by providing anything you deem useful and helping keep the site a success. We have new ideas and gadgets coming to the site in 2010!. So stay tuned and we hope you enjoy reading.


10th  January 2011

So into the 3rd year now of all things Haverfordwest Airport and Ranges. Last year also saw more on the aviation around Pembrokeshire with the interest from the Pembrokeshire Flying Club and also Pembrokeshire Aviation Group with them reporting their work, activities and club news. From the stats alone, this has shown to be a big success and obviously something that not only Pembrokeshire people are after but also maybe those further afield.? Another regular topic was the history of aviation around Pembrokeshire which has been brought to the site by P.A.G and involves such things as the Sunderland Project and also the Liberator crash. Both of these items being the main topic of interest bringing those to the site.

New Ideas did come to the site in 2010 with the added search bar allowing better searches of archives and also the addition of a Pilots Handbook for the local area. This contains items such as places to say, places to eat, travel information and small leisure activities that a pilot visiting the County may want a heads up on should they plane a weekend break. This was very well supported by Pembrokeshire Flying Club with feedback and input right from where it matters, the pilots. The newest version of this will come in the spring.

Interest on the site is of course a huge factor and as mentioned the site is seeing more and more hits with every passing week. We did face some obstacles in 2010 but thankfully overcome them now it seems. We successfully broke 60,000 hits in December which is a brilliant achievement. Meaning our 2010 viewing stats were around 34,400! As you can see from above, far more than our first year.

We burn the midnight oil with a large amount of hours considering it is an enthusiasts site, I believe at the last count it was over 2,500 hours with Summer being the peak of these hours. Winter mostly consisting of site updates and behind the scenes work which admittedly does go on all year round week in and week out with all costs to run the site taken on by ourselves.

We hope to continue this service for enthusiasts,pilots, historical reference, and an all round aviation web spot for without doubt a smashing Aerodrome with the friendliest of people and a lovely, welcoming community.

Hopefully you will continue to support us by giving us feedback, news, pictures. We wouldn’t be where we are today as an enthusiasts site without your help! Big thank you to you all!

Here’s to more reading, plane spotting, pictures and aviation fun in 2011.

Hope to catch you all in a tweet on Twitter or at one of our many long hour days at the airport.

Regards Editorial Team

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