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Rosemarket Golf Club Fly-In and Rally


Rosemarket Golf Club Fly-In and Rally.

For those looking for the best of aviation events in 2013, you can always look no further that Haverfordwest and the work of a few in particular. However, a change to the routine for this  year will see a new event. The BPPA Precision flying event was always popular with many but as the weather over the last few years has certainly got less stable, attentions have turned to a different kind of event but still with the fun that the BPPA provided for pilots.

Malcolm Evans this year has organised a Fly-In and Rally for pilots looking for something different. The event will take place on the weekend of the 20th – 21st July 2013 and will form around Rosemarket Golf Club, just outside Haverfordwest and for those who cannot make it into the short strip at Rosemarket, there is the option of joining others at Haverfordwest Airport.


There is the alternative of using Haverfordwest (EGFE) for entering the rally with free landing and park subject to registration and uplift of fuel (1.95). There is only limited parking at the golf course so rally entrants will have priority. Food, camping, hotels etc. all available.

Hopefully with the event being held a little later into the year, the sun will shine down on Malcolm’s efforts and the fantastic landscape around will provide a good day away for people wanting to fly down and visit, even if you wish not to take part in the Rally.


For those who do wish to take part, a form for the Rally can be obtained from ourselves here, just click here to download a form (Rosemarket Golf Club Fly-In and Rally Form), alternatively if you would like Malcolms contact details, please email us at

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