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Site Downtime

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Sometime between 1800 onĀ  Saturday 24th and 1100 on Sunday 25th. The EGFEMovements website was down due to a hacker breaking the main host server.

Readers of the website would have been greeted with a blank homepage with the words HACKED across the page.

We would like to stress that the issue was with our host providers and not with the website specifically. Any readers who visited the website during this downtime would not of experienced any issues for themselves and your own security would not have been compromised.

This downtime not only affected ourselves, but also an estimated 220,000 users around the world including the likes of Sikorsky and other major companies.


We apologise for this downtime and in the next few weeks we will be moving hosts yet again. So please bear with us for any problems you may experience.

If you do have any queries, please email admin @ egfemovements DOT co DOT uk (without spaces)

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