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Site Downtime

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18th November

As a brief note to readers.

We would like to apologise for a recent spell in downtime and lack of site updates. From the start of this week (15th) The site has been inaccessible. This has been down to a technical fault completely beyond our control. The hosting provider from the States had been pushed into liquidation with a warning only being issued on the 12th. Too late to get another system in place.

After a colossal amount of hours and the burning of midnight oil, plus LOTS! of coffee and biscuits, the site is back online and functioning but aesthetically bits and pieces are not 100%.

The site should coincidentally be running faster as a result of the new provider and help boost your viewing experience.

Once again.

Apologies for the downtime but we are back and normal service should be resumed ASAP.

EGFEMovements Admin 18/11/2010

~Things you do for a hobby eh?~

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