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Air Ambulance Respond to Horesefly Bite


Emergency Services responded to an incident yesterday (Thursday the 12th) after a man bit by a horsefly suffered a sever reaction whilst working on the Pembroke Power Station.

Emergency services were called to Pembroke Power Station yesterday (Thursday) after a worker had a severe reaction to a horsefly bite.

At around 1pm the air ambulance was called after the man’s condition deteriorated so much that waiting for the land ambulance was no longer an option.

After being initially treated in Alstom’s medical centre the site supervisor was taken to the onsite helipad before being transferred to Withybush Hospital.

Once treated, the man returned to work with advice to carry an EpiPen containing one shot of adrenaline.

Head of UK Power Communications for Alstom, Samantha Korkmaz, said: “Alstom prides itself on its health and safety and takes these matters very seriously.” She added that the situation was dealt with quickly because of the staff’s timely reactions.

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