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Bank Holiday rescue action


It was a busy Bank Holiday weekend for South Pembrokeshire’s emergency rescue team.

Local coast rescue teams dealt with a number of shouts, including an early morning search after a child went missing during the night. There was a possibility he could have been on the North Beach, but was fortunately found safe and well at home a short time later. The rest of Friday and Saturday was relatively quiet for the rescue teams, before being called upon again Sunday. Many rescue teams, including the rescue helicopter 169 from RAF Chivenor, were despatched to a cliff near St. Govans Head. A climber, who was belaying from a ledge 30-feet up from the bottom of the cliff, sustained a leg injury when his companion, who was lead climbing some 50-feet above, dislodged a large rock which struck the climber below on the left leg, causing severe injury. The coastguard rescue teams lowered a team member to the injured climber to stabilise the injury prior to the arrival of the rescue helicopter. The injured climber was airlifted to Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, where it was confirmed there was no fracture to the leg, but the deep flesh wounds required him to be hospitalised.

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