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Movements For 22nd May 2010

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

BPPA Flying Event Today At The Field

Night Stopped on the stand are:

  • EI-ING C172 from Ireland
  • G-AVMF C150
  • G-CBAR Glastar
  • G-AWMP C172
  • G-AZLV C172

Competition Movements:

Aircraft departing at 1150 for navigation competition, around 1500 for Spot Landing Competition

G-AVMF C150 leaving at 1150, landed again at 1250, departing 1503 for touch and go’s, landed at 1519

G-AZLV C172 leaving at 1155, landed at 1255, departing 1504 for touch and go’s, landed at 1520

G-AWMP C172 leaving at 1201, landed at 1300, departing 1506 for touch and go’s

G-CBAR Glastar leaving at 1205, inbound at 1306, landed 1314, departing 1510 for touch and go’s

G-BSSB C150L leaving at 1205, landed 1315, departing 1522 for touch and go’s

EI-ING C172 leaving at 1214, landed at 1320, departing 1522 for touch and go’s

N7600E Bellanca Cruisemaster leaving at 1245, landed at 1342, departing 1517 for touch and go’s

Normal Movements:

G-BBTY Beech Sundowner 180 inbound from Cardiff at 0958

N7600E Bellanca Cruisemaster landed around 1000

G-FANL C172 departed 1000, inbound at 1040, departed again at 1115, in again at 1125, departed at 1135, landed 1217

G-BPWR C172 departed 1008, inbound at 1036

G-BSSB C150L departed 1020, returned shortly after.

G-CECV Vans RV7 departed out at 1020, returned around 1100

G-BSEJ C150 departed 1023, landed 1108, landing again at 1121, departing 1311, back in sometime in the afternoon, departing again at 1610, back in 1710

G-IANJ C150K departed at 1036, inbound at 1052, touch and go at 1045, 1103, 1113, 1120, landed at 1125

G-AXZF Piper PA28 departed at 1047, inbound at 1111, overhead 1118 and again at 1125, inbound 1128

G-KKER Jabiru UL450 departed at 1111

G-BCCR Piel Emeraude CP301 inbound at 1118

G-LASS Varieze landed at 1054

N542CD SR22 inbound from Gloucester at 1132, departed at 1345

G-AVHH C172 inbound at 1154. landed 1201, departed 1234

G-BNKD inbound at 1155 from Bristol, landed at 1203

WhiteKnight06 G-DJET landed at 1204, left 1340

G-BGPJ Piper PA28 landed 1225

G-BRBV Piper PA28 departed 1223, departed again 1516 for a touch and go

G-BHMI C172 Inbound 1239, landed 1251

G-BGVZ Piper PA28 landed at 1242

G-ASUP C172 landed at 1248, departed at 1534

G-BYPF Thruster T600N landed at 1326

G-CBEW Flight Design CT2K called in at 1329, left at 1423

EI-ING C172 up for a couple of circuits at 1405

G-AWUZ C172 passed overhead 1434

G-RVDP Vans RV4 departed at 1441

G-CCZY Vans RV9 in and go around at 1450, landed 1453, departed at 1544

G-BRWR Aeronca Chief landed inbound at 1526, left around 1700 back home

G-ANFI Tiger Moth also inbound at 1526

G-BYKF Enstrom Falcon popped out for a small hover at 1550

Poyston04 G-BVYF Piper PA31 Chieftain heard heading out sometime around 1600-1700, possibly on a medical flight

N7600E Bellanca Cruisemaster passing over the field

G-ANFI Tiger Moth taxiing after arrival

G-BNKD moving on the stand

Line up of aircraft on the taxiway

For more pictures of todays movements please click the link at the end of the post.

Castlemartin Range Activity

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Manorbier Range Activity:

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