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Movements For 14th March 2010

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Poyston04 G-BVYF PA31 Chieftain Inbound 1050… Departing to Dublin 1209, came back at 1430, departing out at 1510 again to Dublin… Coming back in from Dublin 1738

G-TOLL PA28 Departing out to Halfpenny Green 1115

G-BPWR C172K II Departing to Halfpenny Green 1116, 1420Landed. Few circuits around 1515 Landed 1545

G-WARP C182 Active 1126… Departing the area 1244 towards Ireland, Landed back at the field 1515, Out towards Pembrey at 1600

G-BYTM MCR Banbi Inbound 1131…Headed back to Shobdon around 1400

G-ATRO PA28 Cherokee Inbound at 1150

G-BSSB C150L Departing out on a local flight towards Pembroke Dock area 1200… round over Narberth 1233… Finals 1241

G-PAVL Inbound at 1244 nightstopping?

G-BHXS Jodel D120 Departed home 1412

G-IANJ C150K Departing on a local flight around 1420… Landed 1450

G-KKER Jabiru out on a local flight at 1536… Landed 1607


G-BYTM MCR Banbi outbound from Haverfordwest

G-BPWR Cessna 172 Landing after his circuits


Poyston4 Departing out.

G-WARP Taxing round for parking on the concrete. - Photo By

G-BSSB Parked on the apron.

Castlemartin Range Activity

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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