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Movements For 25th January 2010

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Wildcat Formation.1 +2 XZ651 + XZ222Westland Lynx Helicopters routing in to the field from the East 1000…. Departing out 1020 Probably to Castlemartin or Manorbier Range. ( Thanks to PaulD for one of the regs )… One of them back in for fuel 1447… Wildcat1 Heading out to the ranges 1540 (Thanks to PeterH for the last tie up) Wildcat 2 + 1..coming in for fuel 1640

G-MBPI Cessna310R Departed 1130 to the West out to Waterford Ireland (Thanks to PaulD)

G-BIBT Grumman AA5 Inbound from Swansea 1229… Headed home 1330

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire Active on a local flight heading out 1145 coming back in 1255

Pipeline06 G-BXNT Bell 206 Jet Ranger Inbound from the east on a survey 1405… Heading home 1545

PremiAir08 AS355 Twin Squirrel Departing the field 1412 heading to Manorbier 1413… Lifting to the Nort East 1511

Castlemartin Range Activity:

Castlemartin Range is active with the usual daylight hours of firing.

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Firing for the month of January at all.. Subject to change at short notice.

PremiAir22 AS355F Twin Squirrel Routing in to a private site inside the range area, 1149

Nimrod .MR4 ZJ514 Noted out in the UK12 Area on a test flight this afternoon 1341

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