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Movements For 23rd January 2010

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BOMO PA38 Tomhawk on a round robin in the area. 1108

G-ASWL C172F Inbound from Swansea 1113… Headed East 1200

G-BFOG C150M Active in the area 1202…and still active 1357, still around at 1456…. Back In after a local Flight 1531

Helimed57A G-WASN EC135 routing for Withybush Hospital at 1210… Heading to Morriston Hospital 1239

G-RODJ Ikarus C42 passing the field for Rosemarket at 1213… Heading home 1256

G-CECV Vans RV7 departing at 1230

G-BEOH PA28 Turbo Arrow inbound at 1258

N915JM Cessna310Q Departed 1330ET. Routing back inbound the field 1529

G-BSSB C150L Inbound after a local flight 1520

G-BHZR SA Bulldog Active 1527

G-WARP C182 Inbound 1529 after departing out to the East Late morning.

G-JFRV Vans RV7 Inbound 1536 No Departure Time Noted.

G-WARP Cessna 182 Inbound

Castlemartin Range Activity:

No Planned Firing

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Firing

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