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Movements For 13th December 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

  • G-BXIF PA28 Warrior Due Later from Cardiff…. Downwind 1115… heading home 1220
G-ASWL C172F  Departing 1100 for Swansea… coming home 1253

G-CECV Vans RV7 heading East 1143…. Downwind 1248

G-BFOG C150M Operating in the area to the airport 1144… coming back after a handling flight 1247

G-FANL C172K II Departed 1146 to route Swansea – Llyn Peninsula and finally Perranporth… Coming home 1503

G-CERK Vans RV9 Heading East 1218 ?? Needs Confirming

G-BBCH Robin DR400 Routing East 1219

G-JENK Ikarus C42 Routing home to Swansea 1339

G-AWBC PA28 Cherokee Arrow Active 1352

G-BSSB C150L Operating on a Local Flight 1203

G-BOHU Piper PA38 Tomhawk Inbound from Swansea 1433… going home to Swansea 1514

N915JM C310Q Inbound from a day out at Swansea 1444

G-BRSJ PA38 Tomahawk Inbound from Swansea 1446

G-BZOM Rotarway 162 Helicopter active 1511

Poyston04 G-BVYF inbound at 1555 from Strumble, downing at 1559 to land

Castlemartin Range Activity:

No Planned Firing

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Firing for the month of December at all.. Subject to change at short notice.

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