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Movements For 11th September 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BGXT Socata TB10 Departed Haverfordwest at 0950 for Cranfield…¬† Back in from there at 1326… Finals 1329

G-BFSA C182Q Inbound from Cranfield 1013… Finals 1023

G-IANJ C150M Departing out on a Local flight 1039 noted over Narberth 1048.. Then Circuits… Landed 1110.. Circuits 1556

EI-ECK Microlight lifting from Rosemarket 1056 after his nightstop there… Inbound for fuel to EGFE.. Departed to Caernarfon a short While later… Heading back to Rosemarket at 1608

G-CDYT Ikarus C42 Inbound Rosemarket 1138… Heading home to Swansea 1300

G-BSOT PA 38 Tomahawk Inbound from Swansea midday then departed 1228 to Aberporth

G-BWEG Shaw Europa Inbound from Dunkeswell 1238… Departing home at 1411

G-FANL C172K II Active 1305… Downwind at 1329.. Coastal Flight 1550.. Departing out 1730.. Local Flight

G-CCGL Socata TB20 Inbound from Cranfield 1309… Departing to the South To Jersey 1729.. Coming Back Sunday

G-BOMO PA38 Tomahawk Departed to Swansea 1314 This may of come in at Dinnertime.

G-ECBH C150K Inbound from Swansea on his trip from Cardiff at 1319… Downwind at 1329… heading home to Cardiff 1450

G-BFOG C150M Inbound 1351 Active in the area… And again 1451.. Heading West 1457

G-ASWL C172F Inbound from Swansea 1411

N463RD Socata TBM700N Inbound from the East 1456

G-SLYN PA28 Cherokee Warrior Inbound from Kemble 1525

G-CEMD PA28 Warrior Inbound 1528

M-FOUR Beechcraft Bonanza Calling up 1534 On a Coastal Flight round Pembrokeshire

G-BRSJ PA38 Tomahawk Inbound from Swansea 1530 E.T. Splash and Dash of fuel then back to Swansea at 1609

Atlantic409 G-LEAF Cessna 406 Caravan, Survey at Milford Haven 1553 for the next hour (Reg thanks to Paul D ) Returning Home to Coventry 1658

– Haverfordwest Traffic –

G-BPWR C172K II Local Flight 1805

Ascot670 ZH886 C130 Hercules Making a run for the runway on a low Approach 1839…. Coming for another one…1846 then departing en-route¬† ( Reg Not Confirmed – Supplied by Damon )

G-BHZR SA Bulldog Departing 1904 on a local flight… Coming back to land at 1924

G-CDYT Ikarus C42 Believe to be coming up from Rosemarket into the Overhead then routing home for Swansea 1920

Castlemartin Range Activity

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Manorbier Range Activity:

Manorbier Range is active with Live Firing Today.

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