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Movements For 4th September 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BPWR C172K II Radio Call at 0936…Departed out on a short local flight to the West a few moments later… Called back up for re-join 1008

ArmyAir668 XZ645Westland Lynx inbound at 0948, This Lynx is still active and has been residing at Castlemartin since last week… Departed 1018 back to Manorbier Range after Arming up at Castlemartin.  (Credit PaulD)

N915JM Cessna310Q Calling up 1002 for radio check and taxi out. Heading east at 1020

G-BGXT Socata TB10 Taxing out at 1021 Heading east 1037

G-DRID Cessna FR172 Departed out 1110 to Bournemouth via Swansea

Vortex273 ZJ127 Merlin Helicopter due in from Manorbier later on… Came in at 1130 for a stop and Re-Fuel. will be heading to Castlemartin then Manorbier ( Thanks to PaulD )

Castlemartin Range Activity

Firing is taking place today on the Ranges, for more detailed information visit here:

ArmyAir668 XZ645 Westland Lynx departed Castlemartin at 1515 to head home.

Manorbier Range Activity:

Manorbier Range is active with Live Firing Today, taking place within the normal times.

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