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Movements For 5th August 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Redhead15 Bolkow 105 active at 0945,

Pipeline11 G-BXNT Bell 206 Jet Ranger making his way from Cardiff Tremorfa heliport 0957 (Thanks to StuC), entering the area at 1214 to land at the field,

Helimed57A G-WASN EC135 inbound to an incident to the North of Carmarthen at 1014, lifted out and en route to Morriston hospital at 1103,

G-BATW PA28 out of Swansea inbound at 1047, departed to Swansea at 1145

G-IANJ C150K doing circuits at 1137, inbound to the circuit 1328, inbound again at 1449 after a local flight around the area,

G-JENK Ikarus C42 inbound at 1156 over Carms, departing to Aberporth at 1300

G-BFOG C150L student pilot inbound to the circuit at 1239, departing the NE at 1259, inbound at 1403 but turned away towards the coast, active soon after and inbound again at 1417, back in the circuit at 1600… leaving the circuit 1606,

G-AXGG C150J inbound at 1239 from Kilrush in Ireland, departed to Redhill at 1422 (Thanks to SWAG)

G-BPWR C150K departing the Circuit at 1258, inbound at 1334, inbound at 1632,

G-BPWE PA28 Warrior inbound at 1323 with very patchy radio, heard changing to Swansea at 1505,

G-SHSP C172 out of Sleap inbound at 1329, heading out at 1517

Ascot1673 ZR323 A109 believed to be out and about around 1400,

G-FANL C172 XP II departed to West Wales Aberporth at 1406, back inbound at 1437, heading back to Aberporth on another trip at 1554,

G-JFRV Vans RV7 inbound at 1508 from the East,

G-BYCE Robinson R44 routing out of Cardiff heading to the coast at 1515 just after he stops for fuel,

G-AYPG C177 outbound to Aberporth at 1516,

G-ROBJ Robin DR500 inbound at 1524 from the East,

G-BGXT TB10 over Carmarthen at 1539 heading to the East, inbound at 1740,

Lady61? Single RAF Hawk operating to the North of the field at 1627, also noted around 20NM North East of the field at low level

French speaking pilot heard at 1637 inbound to the field, any information *please contact us at info @*

Poyston01 G-UMMI PA31 Navajo inbound at 1652

G-TOMS PA38 Tomahawk inbound at 1830 to quickly visit the field and head back to Swansea, heading back at 1856

N9275Y PA46 inbound at 1838

Castlemartin Range Activity:

Firing is taking place today on the Ranges, for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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