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Movements For 2nd August 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-AXXW SanD117GT active around the field at 0950, inbound from the East at 1023

G-JENK Ikarus C42 inbound to the field at 1000, Transited South of the field to Rosemarket¬† 1115…. Go-Around and then back to Swansea 1130

G-IANJ C150K inbound to the field at 1017, Departing out 1200 to Aberporth… With an East Departure… Back in 1250.. Back out 1331, inbound 1400,

G-BSOT PA38 Tomahawk believed to be routing in from Swansea 1058…. Heading home 1159

G-FANL C172K II Departing out 1110 to Aberporth, inbound at 1511

G-BGXT Socata TB10 Departed out behind FANL to Aberporth 1113, inbound at 1510 out of Caernarfon

G-BFOG C150L outbound to Aberporth at 1132, inbound 1612

G-JFRV Vans RV7 departing to Aberporth at 1133, inbound at 1453,

G-RYZZ Robinson R44 Inbound from Gloucester Staverton 1143

G-BPWR C172K II Departing to Aberporth 1154

G-ASXY Jodel D117 inbound at 1213

G-JAMP PA28 Cherokee Warrior Inbound from Pembrey 1251, heading up to Aberporth at 1401

G-BHOZ Socata TB9 Inbound out of Kemble at 1300, landing at 1331

G-IANC Socata TB10 inbound at 1413

Heard calling at 1508 was EZY525, a Boeing 737 who was apparently inbound to land. There is very little information on this although there is a possibility it may have been a training exercise of some sort. Any information would be appreciated – info@egfemovements. co. uk

G-IZZY C172 inbound at 1540,outbound to Pembrey at 1639

G-BCAZ Piper PA12 departed around 1546, back at 1754

G-CFGZ Flight Design CTSW inbound at 1617

G-BWJH Shaw Europa inbound at 1743

Castlemartin Range Activity

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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