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Movements For 25th July2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Poyston4 G-BVYF PA31 outbound at 0627 on a trip to Stansted – Exeter – Biggin Hill – … back in at 1800 after his long day

G-BNAI Wolf Boredom Fighter departing out 0815 heading east

G-BFOG C150L departing the circuit to the West at 1013, inbound at 1033 back in the circuit, inbound again at 1310 after a flight, out to Pembrey at 1357, back in at 1449, inbound 1650 and landing 15 minutes later.. heading to the East at 1712… and inbound again at 1733.

G-FANL C72K II Active 1048 local flight… Departed at 1152 towards Aberporth, inbound at 1320 from the North, leaving to the North East at 1450, inbound at 1543,

G-BXHY Shaw Europa noted calling up the field 1130

G-IANJ C150K departing the circuit at 1057, in the circuit for training 1145, outbound and heading North-East for Shobdon at 1536 with a Student pilot, back from Shobdon & over Carmarthen at 1837, landing at 1852

G-BIBT Grumman AA5 The Swansea based machine is heading in for presumably fuel… 1200

G-BTMK C172 inbound at 1210, departing the circuit to the East at 1407 on his way home

Castle2 G-HDTV Agusta A109 passing to Swansea at 1213

G-CEIX Pioneer P300 Inbound the field 1236, leaving to the East and changing to enroute at 1450,

G-BPWR C172K II Circuits 1241, leaving the circuit to the North at 1339, on finals at 1400, in the circuit again at 1515,

Helimed57A G-WASN EC135 inbound to an incident around Pembroke Dock and passing Tenby at 1250, lifting out at 1329 as Helimed57E, leaving the area at 1358, inbound to an incident in Tenby at 1626, heading back to Swansea at 1640 and very shortly afterwards back again at 1643 heading to a scene at Freshwater West… heading to Withybush at 1711… finally back to Swansea at 1800

G-AWCP C172 out of Shobdon at 1319 and inbound to the field, heading up to West Wales at 1438

G-CEVC Vans RV-4 inbound to land at 1438, outbound at 1527 enroute to home

G-OODW PA28 out of Caernarfon passing the field for Swansea at 1532

G-BCAZ PA12 active in the area at 1603

G-BOHU PA38 Tomahawk departing around 1705 back to Swansea

**Haverfordwest TRAFFIC**

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire inbound at 1820

G-BZOM Helicopter Rotorway Executive inbound to land 2033

G-ANFI Tiger Moth inbound from the S.E at 2037

Castlemartin Range Activity

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity



G-IANJ heading outbound to the East for Shobdon at 1550, 20NM NE of the field

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