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Movements For 10th June 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BATW PA28 inbound on a local trip from Swansea at 0948

G-BAYO C150L departed to West Wales Aberporth at 1024

G-IANJ C150K Circuits from around 1045

G-BIBT Grumman AA5 inbound from Swansea more than likely for fuel. 1122, heading out for Swansea again at 1246

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire routing for Fishguard at 1125, coming back in at 1208

G-ZWDB Ikarus C42 inbound from Swansea at 1131, left for Swansea at 1200

G-BBEB PA28 inbound at 1242 to the field, outbound for Swansea 1435

G-TEGS Bell JetRanger heard leaving the area at 1320

G-FANL C172 inbound from Gloucester at 1343

G-IFTS Robinson R44 active sometime around 1400

G-BPOT PA28 inbound at 1431, back to Swansea at 1640

G-CCJT Skyranger inbound at 1443, left sometime around 1549

**Haverfordwest Traffic**

G-BSOT PA38 Tomahawk inbound from Swansea to do an orbit of the circuit at 1722, before heading back for Swansea at 1745

Low Level

Cranwell9? Hawker Dominie HS.125 Routing low Level to pass south of the field 1031

Castlemartin Range Activity: 0900 : 1630

Castlemartin ranges will be active with Live firing today. Firing will be taking place across all of the Ranges. For more information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

Manorbier Range is Active with Live Firing today. For more info click the link above.

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