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Movements For 25th June 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BFOG C150 departed the circuit to the South West at 1022, back in for a touch and go’s at 1045, inbound at 1535

G-ASWL F172 active over Whitland out of Swansea at 1036

G-FANL C172K up in the circuit at 1038 and out over Manorbier range, back in at 1127, departing to the east at 1354, back in at 1423, departing at 1629, inbound an hour later at 1729

Poyston1 G-UMMI PA31 departed sometime around 1120 past West Wales Aberporth

G-RODJ Ikarus C42 passing from Swansea to Rosemarket airstrip at 1243, back to Swansea at 1335

Helimed57E G-WASN EC135 inbound from Swansea for refueling at 1317, heading back for Swansea at 1430

G-AGVG Auster 5J1 departed the area at 1320 enroute

G-BSSB Cessna 150L departing the circuit to the North at 1328, back in at 1354

G-JMAL Jabiru J2000 heading out at 1434, inbound to land at 1528

G-BRSJ PA38 Tomahawk out of Swansea inbound to the field at 1513, landing at around 1530

G-BPWR C172 active in the area at 1514

ArmyAir112 Lynx helicopter heard calling at 1515

G-BSOT PA38 Tomahawk inbound from the east out of Swansea at 1518, landed sometime around 1530, departed 1640

G-BSTR Grumman AA-5 from Shropshire inbound at 1524

G-BMSF PA38 Tomahawk believed to have departed to the West at 1745, back in at 1819, landed 1845

–Haverfordwest TRAFFIC–

G-PAVL Robin R.3000 inbound to the field at 1901 from the East

G-JENK Ikarus C42 out of Swansea active in the area at 1901

G-BFSA F182 inbound to the field at 2010

Castlemartin Range Activity:   Night Firing Tonight 2030 : 2300

Firing is taking place today on the Castlemartin Ranges. Times: 0900 : 1630 for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

Manorbier ADR is active today, from 0900 : 1630

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