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Movements For 24th June 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-AZOL PA34 Seneca out of Stapleford inbound to the field from the east at 0929, out of the field at 1130

Castle2 Agusta A109 filming around the coast at 0941 with intentions to head for Aberporth

G-BATW PA28 inbound from Swansea, east of the field at 0948

G-IANJ C150K joining the circuit for touch and go’s at 1215, departed again at 1258, out again in the afternoon and active around the field at 1719

Pipeline02 G-TAMB Schweizer 333 out of Shobdon routing down the coast to work at 1215

G-BFOG C150 out to West Wales Aberporth at 1227 with BMSF, back inbound at 1345

G-BMSF PA38 Tomahawk out to West Wales Aberporth at 1234 with BFOG, back inbound at 1342

G-AGVG Auster 5J1 inbound from the east at 1304

G-AXBH C172 out of Swansea heading back to the field at 1307

G-CDBA Skyranger 912 inbound from Ashcroft to the east at 1401

G-BCCK Grumman A-5 inbound from Caernarfon from the North at 1436, departed around 1610

G-CDNI EV-97 inbound from the North East at 1510

G-TDVB Brunt MCR-01 inbound at 1511

G-NPPL Ikarus C42 inbound from the North West 1526, departed 1631

G-CESD Skyranger 912 inbound from Caernarfon at 1535

G-CECF Escipade Jabiru inbound from the North East at 1536, departed 1636

G-BBTY Beech C23 inbound at 1554, landed 1606

F-GFOR Robin ATL inbound over Templeton at 1609

G-BPWR C172K II heard active in the area at 1612, on finals at 1618

G-CFGZ Flight Design inbound to the field at 1628, landed 1638

G-??XS heading back to Milson Airstrip at 1730

G-FANL C172 inbound to the field at 1841

Castlemartin Range Activity

Firing is taking place today on the Castlemartin Ranges. Times: 0900 : 1630 for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

Manorbier ADR is active today, from 0900 : 1630

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