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Movements For 23rd June2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Due to a technical error, all movements today between morning and 1700 are not available. If anyone has information on these movements please email to “info at”

G-IANJ C150 active in the area at doing Touch and Go’s 1637

G-BMSF PA38 Tomahawk believed to be doing circuits at 1641

-Haverfordwest TRAFFIC-

Rocket3 Rotormotion helicopter heard calling at 1742 *Any Information on this machines registration would be helpful*

G-AWTS Beech 19A inbound from Swansea at 1743

G-ARRI C175 called in at 1816 believed to be from Pembrey, inbound to deliver the aircraft at 1841

Castlemartin Range Activity:   NIGHT FIRING 2030: 2300

Firing is taking place today on the Castlemartin Ranges. Times: 0900 : 1630 for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity: NIGHT FIRING 2030: 2300

Manorbier ADR is active today, from 0900 : 1630

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