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Movements For 13th June 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-FANL C172K II departed the area at 0939

G-IANJ C150K Circuits 1029, active over Dale at 1450, back in the circuit at 1512, landed 1653

G-CECV Vans RV7 Departing out we believe to St Brieuc in France at 1021. along with G-JFRV

G-JFRV Routing with CECV To St Brieuc also. 1021

G-BAYO C150L Circuits 1051

G-BEOH PA28 Turbo Arrow Inbound from Staverton 1246, landed around 1300, departed sometime around 1400 and heard leaving the area at 1406

G-BYTM DynAero MCR-01 inbound to the field at 1324 with CEBP & UURO, landed at 1330, left the area at 1537

G-BHWZ PA28 inbound at 1327, joined the circuit to land at 1335, routing to the West at 1543

G-CEBP EV-97 inbound to the field at 1334 with UURO and BYTM, landed at 1340, left the area at 1536

G-UURO EV-97 inbound at 1337… with CEBP and BYTM, joined the circuit at 1342 , left the area at 1536

G-RCED Rockwell Commander 114 inbound at 1340, joined the circuit and landed at 134, departed for Swansea at 1455

G-BPWR C150 active at 1401, in the circuit at 1440

G-BFSA F182Q inbound from Cranfield at 1458

G-BTAW PA28 out of Aberporth West Wales inbound to the field at 1547, finals to land at 1552, left for Pembrey at 1644

G-BCJM PA28 inbound on a flight from Swansea at 1643

-Haverfordwest Traffic-

G-CWVY Pegasus Quik from Swansea inbound at 1815

Wing Walk Formation inbound to the field from the West at 1913, landed around 1918, aircraft from

Castlemartin Range Activity

No FIRING today

Manorbier Range Activity:

No FIRING today


G-CEBP inbound to the field around 20 nm North East of the field



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