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Movements For 2nd June 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

Raven03 G-PART Partenavia P68 Inbound from NE 0949. Callsign Unreadable… Departed 1043.. routing back in 1135.. Departing North East 1259

G-CCGL Socata TB20 Departing Base to route East for Cranfield 1039…. Back in at 1645… Finals 1655

G-WARP C182F Departing Local Flight 1046 to the South

G-BFOG C150M Departing 1047 to Aberporth… Inbound 1623

G-FANL C172K II Taxing out at 1054 to route West… routing back in 1130 for Runway03 for Touch and Go’s… Landed around Dinnertime. Heading South East over the Ranges 1400… routing back in 1646

G-AVJF C172K Taxing for Departure 1054.. came back in for Circuit and is Finals to Land 1156

G-BSSB C150L Radio Check Prior to taxing out 1054… routing back in 1140

G-IANJ C150M Up in the circuit 1130

G-AXGG C150J Inbound from the East 1203… Departed 1342

HA-HAN? Technovia SMG92 Inbound from Ireland after his weekend overthere 1206

G-BOUJ C150M Inbound fromCranfield 1212… Taxing out to depart 1339

G-BAYO C150L Taxing out after a Radio Check 1221 heading West

G-RCWK C182T making his way In from Staverton 1230… Finals 1241 To Land, departed to the North at 1440

G-BRSJ PA38 Inbound from Swansea 1236… headed home 1355… heading back to Haverfordwest 1507… Departed home 10 minutes later…. Back again 1817.. Departed Home 15 Mins later

G-UURO Aerotechnik EV97 Eurostar Microlight Inbound 1245… taxing out at 1420

D-MIEL Flight Design CTSW inbound to the field from Goodwood at 1432… NIGHTSTOP

G-BPWR C172 inbound to the field at 1443… Departed around 1530 to the East…. routing back in 1635

Haverfordwest Traffic

Movements Out of Hours.

G-RODJ Ikarus C42 Inbound from the West 1851

Castlemartin Range Activity  ** NIGHT FIRING 1830-2330 Hours. **

Firing is taking place today on the Ranges, for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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