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Movements For 31st May 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BFOG C150M inbound to the field at 0942, landing at 0955, up in the air again in the circuit around 1230 and leaving the circuit at 1254, back towards the circuit at 1319 to join for landing

G-IANJ C50K Touch&Go’s at 0954 – 1130, active around the field at and leaving the circuit 1311

G-BAYO C150L inbound to the field from the North at 1019, departed around 1126 to the West, back inbound to the circuit at 1207, back in the circuit around 1340

G-FBPL PA34 Seneca leaving the circuit at 1047, heard again at 1125, joining back into the circuit at 1641 over Milford Haven, landed 1703

G-BSSB C150L active in the circuit 1055, inbound at 1141, heard leaving the circuit at 1406

G-BLWY Robin R2160 from Gloucester inbound at 1114, landed 1122, departed some time around 1315

G-GALL PA38 inbound over Carmarthen from Cardiff at 1127, heading back out to Swansea at 1312

G-RUVY Vans RV9A inbound over Carmarthen at 1135 looking to land

G-BNNZ PA28 from Biggin Hill inbound to the field at 1138, left around 1520 for Swansea

G-CCYG R44 inbound for fuel at 1144, departed 1220 to the south after refueling

G-BHUG C172 inbound over St Clears from Dunkeswell at 1206, landed at 1220, left to the Southeast at 1346

G-BKCX Mudry CAP 10B from Swansea active in the area and inbound for fuel at 1235, entered the circuit at 1240, landed around 1250, enroute back to Swansea at 1342

G-AXXC PIEL CP301B inbound to the field at 1249

G-BOBT Starduster SA300 inbound from the west at 1253, up in the circuit again and coming in to land at 1506

G-BHZR Bulldog Model 120 inbound to the field at 1254, heard leaving for West Wales Aberporth at 1614, back inbound at 1711 for the field.

G-FANL C172K in the circuit at 1301

G-CRLA Cirrus SR20 inbound to the field at 1311

G-CCXJ Cessna 340 passing over the field around 40 miles out at 1334, clear of Haverfordwest airspace at 1507

G-BWJH Europa heard calling and joining the circuit at 1449

G-BPWR C172K left to the west at 1456, back in to the circuit at 1532, landed 1540, back out again to West Wales Aberporth at 1601, back at 1651

G-ASXY Jodel D117A inbound at 1502, entered the circuit at around 1507, landed around 1512

G-AXXW D117 inbound for the circuit at 1528, coming in to land 1533

G-CCGL Socata TB20 out of Cardiff inbound for the field 1540

G-AVSC PA28 inbound from Dunkeswell at 1605, outbound for Swansea at 1731

G-JMAL Jabiru J2000 left the field at 1609 on a trip to West Wales Aberporth

G-JFRV Vans RV7 inbound at 1619 to join the circuit

G-BPWB, a Sikorsky S-61N, was heard inbound to the field at 1649

G-PAVL Robin R3000 back from Belgium inbound to the field at 1650

Rescue169 Seaking Active around the North of the airfield at 1714

D-EOWY C172 inbound from the east at 1728, landed 1743

G-AWVB Jodel D117 out and about today, photographed although not heard

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire inbound to the field at 1759

Castlemartin Range Activity

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity



G-AWVB Jodel D117 passing overhead 20NM east of the field, a HAW resident


G-CRLA Cirrus SR20 passing overhead 20NM east of the field, not believed to be HAW traffic

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