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Movements For 30th May 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-PAVL Robin R.3000/120 inbound to the field at 0927, heard leaving to the east over Carmarthen at 1022

G-BMSF Piper PA38 Tomahawk departed to the south east at 1004

G-IANJ C172 in the circuit at 1007

G-BSPN PA28 Turbo Arrow on finals at 1013

G-BBSB C150L entered the circuit around 1015

G-AVJF C172H active in the circuit 1043, inbound to the field at 1419

G-LBRC PA28 Arrow inbound from Wolverhampton at 1046, heard outbound changing to Cardiff frequency at 1215

G-BCJM PA28 Cherokee heard at 1116 active around the field, routing around the coast on a VFR flight, heading back to Swansea at 1136

G-BPWR C172 heard leaving the field towards West Wales Aberporth at 1124, inbound to the circuit from Swansea, over Whitland at 1409

G-BFOG C150M heading North out of the circuit at 1133, changed frequency over Fishguard for West Wales Aberporth at 1139, west of Pembrey at 1433 routing back to the field, landed 1449, departed the circuit to the east at 1527, inbound from NE 1631 and landed at 1636

G-FANL C172K in the circuit and inbound at 1134

G-RCWK C182 inbound to join the circuit at 1203, joined at 1206, left the airfield around 1350

G-AVJF C172H called for information inbound to the airfield at 1203, departed 1255 to the North for West Wales Airport, back inbound at 1419 straight in

G-ILPY C172 from Dunkeswell inbound to the airfield at 1221, joining the circuit around 1226, left the airfield for Swansea 1225

G-BSOT PA38 inbound to the airfield 1223, on finals at 1241, in the air and towards Pembrey at 1325

G-ARMN C175 inbound to the field at 1224, joined the circuit at 1231

G-BGXT Socata TB10 heard over Carmarthen routing for Swansea at 1252, back inbound at 1454 to the field

G-FBPL PA34 Seneca FlyBlackpool machine, inbound from Blackpool airport at 1254

G-BDGM PA28 inbound to the field along with G-FBPL from Blackpool 1309

G-ATHV C150 inbound at 1325, joined the circuit at 1333, heard leaving the circuit at 1521

G-DRID C172J inbound from Cardiff at 1450, joining the circuit and finals around 1458

G-CCGL Socata TB20 active over the field from Cardiff at 1451

Helimed57A G-WASN EC135 heard inbound to the field at 1458

G-OPET PA28 from Cardiff inbound to the field at 1521, left the field and heard over Carmarthen at 1653

G-JFRV Vans RV7 active around the field at 1536

G-WFFW PA28 from Lyneham inbound from North East to join the circuit at 1715, joined the circuit 1726, departed the field 1830 RTB Lyneham.

G-JWDB Ikarus C42 west of the field at 1805

Castlemartin Range Activity

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Manorbier Range Activity:

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