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Movements For 24th May 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

G-BAYO C150L Departed on a Local Flight around 1040…routing back in at 1126..Up again at 1219 heading south.. Back in 1242 Touch and Gos again 1513

G-IANJ C150K Also departed out on General Handling flight around the coast. Landed 1130..Departed to West short time later Carried out T&G from 1250 – 1325

G-BFOG C150M Departing Local Flight 1143…routing back in at 1202..back up in the circuit 1216 T&G..Landed 1220…Departed out to Aberporth 1340… Back in 1544

G-VTAL Beech V35 Inbound from Wellsbourne Moutford.1150..Departed 1412

G-RVAC Vans RV7 Inbound to Rosemarket passing south of HDW 1155…Inbound for a fuel stop form Rmarket at 1411

G-??JM Inbound 1151

G-CECV Vans RV7 Departing 1205

G-BSSB C150L In the circuit 1213 Landing time not noted.

G-BUVA PA22 TriPacer Inbound from the east 1213…Departed to Aberporth 1415

G-LSCM C172S Inbound from the East 1214… Departed 1354

G-BOJR C172 Inbound from Swansea area 1224

D-EFDL Grumman AA5 inbound from Kilkenny passing SLANY at 1228 eta the field in 20 mins..Inbound 1245…Departing back 1436

G-BZOM Rotarway 162 Helicopter Inbound from South 1240… Active from 1840 – 1905

G-FANL C172K Touch and Go’s 1252 1300.. Departing 1455 Coastal Flight… routing back in 1516 finals 1535

G-BNAI Wolf Boredom Fighter Departing at 1256.. Back in at 1322

G-BYCE Robinson R44 Helicopter routing Overhead to a Private a St Davids 1317.. O/H  at 1321

G-CETF CTSW Flight Design Inbound from South Possibly from Rosemarket at 1319

G-IZZY C172 leaving the field back to Pembrey.1323 Arrival time not noted…. Came back 1545

G-AVJF C172K Inbound from East 1346…Finals 1350.. T&G 1425-1440 ET

G-CUBP PA18 Super Cub passing south Inbound Rosemarket 1351..Inbound for Fuel to Haverford’ 1444

G-BROO Luscombe Silvaire Inbound at 1410

G-AVIL Alon A2 Inbound from Eaglescott 1420

G-BPWR C172K II Departed on a Local Flight routing back in 1437

G-DUNK C172M Inbound from East 1454

G-AWST D64 Condor Inbound after a few hours away 1457

G-JMAL Jabiru 2200 Inbound after a short stay away today. 1520

RESCUE 169 SaR Seaking Routing into the Hospital 1533

G-VMCG PA38 Tomahawk Inbound at 1535 from the East

No Movements info available from 1600 – 1830 Apologies.

G-BHZR SA Bulldog landed 1903

Castlemartin Range Activity

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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