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Movements For 12th May 2009

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Haverfordwest Airport Movements:

  • G-UMMI TECH PA31 Still at Cardiff

G-CCGL Trinidad TB20 Taxing to 09, for departure 0929 En route to Cranfield.

Police 12 G-DPPF Augusta 109E. routing in towards the airport at 0935…Departed 1020 to South… Inbound 1116 to Land and Fuel up…. Departed out 1345 back in 1402 Departed to Escort Heli traffic… RTB Carmarthen 1524

Electricity24 G-MFMF Bell 206 Jet Ranger Routing towards the field on power line checks 0942.. Headed home 1149

RAINBOW1R G-XXEA Sikorsky S.76 Inbound 1003… Departed 1516 to east   May of Departed as ASCOT 1365

PremiAir24, A7-MBN Inbound at 1011…Finals 1020    CONFIRMED AS  A7-MBN Cheers to IanGDeparted 1526

G-FOFO Robinson R44 Active over Narberth at 1026 Return back east after R/h Orbit…. Then Inbound Field 1035… Departed 1445

G-BAYO C150L Departed to South East 1100… Back in at 1127 For Circuits,

G-IANJ C150K Departed to Aberporth 1113.. Routing back in 1310… Out again to Aberporth 1402.. Inbound 1652

G-FANL C172K II  Hawk, Taxing for Departure at 1121..Inbound 1143 to land

Sparrowhawk 35 Inbound 1138… Departed as Sparrowhawk35R 1514

G-BSSB C150L Departed 1227… Back in at 1338… Out and back in across the early Evening on circuits

G-BHZR SA Bulldog Departing Local Flight 1309… ReJoin at 1341

PremiAir11 G-VONASikorsky S.76 Inbound 1320…. Departed East 1637

G-CEDG Robinson R44 Inbound from West 1320… Departed to East 1433

Starspeed14 G-HBJT Eurocopter 155 Inbound at 1344… Departed 1532… To Battersea

G-FUFU Augusta 109S. Inbound from SE At 1343.. Departed 1637

G-FULM Sikorsky S.76 Departed East at 1637

G-WIWI Sikorsky S.76 Departed East in formation with the other 2 Air Harrods Choppers 1637

G-FOFO R44 Seen here O/h Narberth

(C) Callum Goldthorpe 2009
(C) Callum Goldthorpe 2009

Starspeed14 G-HBJT Departing to Battersea

Starspeed 14 G-HBJT

Castlemartin Range Activity

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Manorbier Range Activity:

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