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Site News Bulletin

09th April 2009.

New and Deleted Residents: Blue= New     Red = Old /Moved on

This is since January 2009.

G-MPBI Cessna310R            G-JMAL Jabiru J2000            G-AWST Druine D.62 Condor

G-CHER PiperPA38 Tomhawk            G-VMCG PiperPA38 Tomahawk           G-BKRA North American Harvard (Hibernates here Over Winter)

G-CFGA Vickers Spitfire VIII G-BPPE PA38 Tomahawk

G-BBXK PA34 New home at Blackpool G-PJTM Cessna172 G-CBRH Yak52To Lithuania.

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* Many Thanks to Peter Hopkins.. Airport Supervisor for his help in corrections and additions *

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