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Movements For 31st March 2009

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Haverfordwest Movements:

G-BPWR C172K II Hawk Active to the Docks area, 1200

G-AVJF C172K II Hawk, Over the docks, 1205

G-BFOG C150M Local Flight to the East 1210..Possibly to Coventry… Back Inbound 1906

N9275Y PA46 Malibu Inbound to land 1230

2 Unidentified Aircraft heard to the fieldĀ  1630. One Believed to be a twin prop

Another Aircraft after hours, 1900 Active

Castlemartin Range Activity

Firing is taking place today on the Ranges, for more detailed information visit here:

Manorbier Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

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