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Movements For 21st March 2009

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Haverfordwest Movements:

G-FANL C172K II In the circuit for a touch and go, at 0905

G-BSSB C150L Up in the circuit for touch and go’s 0938 – 1025… and Across the day.

G-BRSJ PA38 Tomahawk Inbound from Swansea at 0947…Landed 1004…Departed 1037 to SWS

G-SHSP C172K Inbound from Sleap 1033…Landed 1044….Departed 1120ish?

G-?RPY? Ikarus C42? Reg may be incorrect. Inbound at 1042

G-BAYO C150L Inbound after local flight from the West 1042…Touch and Go’s 1048… and carried out this through out the day.

G-CECV VansRV7 Inbound from the East 1049 to land…GAround 1054…Active most the day.

G-AVJF C172K II Touch and Go’s 1049

G-ASWL C172F Inbound from Swansea….. departed around 1130

G-BOMO PA38 Tomahawk Inbound from Swansea

G-AVJF C172K II Touch and go’s and local flights across the day,

G-BFOG C150M Touch and Go’s throughout the day.

G-PHYZ Jabiru Out of Halfpenny Green to Land around 1200

N47494 PA28 made his way into the field around Midday

G-BOZV Robin DR340 Major, Came inbound to Land.

G-CEBY Tanarg 15912  Departed to the East

Osprey Formation Yak52’s came in to land. only 2 in formation, Unable to Confirm which 2 were in the group.

G-OPAZ Pazmany2 > Local Flight 1230

G-GAOM Robin DR400 DIVERTED In from the North ETA1240??…. We believed this Night stopped.

N39SE Diamond DA40,DIVERTED Assumed divert in with G-GAOM

G-GLKE Robin DR400 Headed in Midday DIVERTED

G-BOHU PA38 Tomahawk, tracked in from Swansea.

G-BTCA PA32 Lance Came in from Sleap.

G-NRSC Piper PA23 Aztec came in from the SE for Fuel.

With thanks to fellow Editor IanG, he recorded the following.

HB-DIO Mooney M20R Routing BCN>STU, so passing north of the field.

G-PIKK PA28 Cherokee from Coventry inbound at 1130

G-BPPF PA38 Tomahawk made his way in from Bristol at 1130

G-GIRY American AA5 from Elstree > Haverfordwest, 1320…departed back to the Elstree around 1520

We would like to apologise for the lack of time scale after 1049.

If you are able to help fill in ANY gaps. We would very much appreciate the info.

Today’s Images:

G-SHSP C172 Observed here at Sleap By CallumG March09

G-SHSP At Sleap March09 - Photo By CallumG

Castlemartin Range Activity:

No Planned Activity

Manorbier Range Activity:

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