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Pegasus Helicoper could bring Jobs to Pembrokshire


Pembrokeshire could become the European manufacturing base for a revolutionary new helicopter.
Up to 50 jobs could be created if American company the Pegasus Helicopter Group decides to build its new Pegasus PH200PJ helicopter in the county.
A spokesman said the company is looking at a facility in Haverfordwest.
“Pegasus is currently considering basing its European manufacturing facilities in Pembrokeshire,” they said.
“The facility under consideration is near Haverfordwest Airport. The company is also considering a site in Cardiff to be used for flight demonstrations and training.
“Pegasus’ manufacturing facility would look to employ up to 50 people over the next two years.”
Pegasus chief executive Bob Zummo, has already been on a tour of Wales with representatives from International Business Wales, the Welsh Assembly organisation which aims to attract investment to the country.
Pegasus has designed and tested a revolutionary helicopter using pressure jet technology, which eliminates the need for a tail rotor, tail rotor gear box, tail rotor drive and tail boom.
As the technology cuts down on the number of parts used compared to a conventional helicopter, the cost is significantly reduced, with the model expected to retail for about £105,000 (in kit form) and £175,000 (fully certified).
The company is currently marketing the helicopter to civilian, commercial and military markets worldwide, with agreements already in place to distribute 655 helicopters in China, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States over the next four years.

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