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Movements for 25th January 2009

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Haverfordwest Movements:

Police12 G-DPPF A109 is making his way into the airport to land for a break at 1122…heading back to PoliceHQ after his Brekkie at 1207

G-BPWR C172K XP II Is departing the field to the North, Local Flight 1135…heading back to home at 1203

G-AVJF C172K is getting ready for departure at 1146 intentions are Touch and Go’s 1200, 1208 heading to Aberporth..This later went on to Swansea at 1224 from Aberporth

G-AWBC?? Unknown Type, Missed on call. This aircraft is routing into the field. at 1203. Could anyone confirm this?

G-BHZR SRS Bulldog Inbound around 1340 to land

Poyston04 G-BVYF departed HAV at 2345 heading to either Southend or London Heathrow via Compton.

Manorbier Range Movements:


Castlemartin Range Movements:


Todays Images: Police 12 Inbound

Police 12 G-DPPF

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