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Movements for 23rd January 2009

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Haverfordwest Movements:

Police12 G-DPPF A109 Seen routing south of the field at 1135 Operating 7 Miles South of the field….. Routed home around 1610

Electricity24 G-MFMF B206 Jet Ranger Low Level Powerline Checks 7 Miles East of the field for the next hour 1249…inbound to Land at 1440 looking to shut down and depart ASAP after fuel to another call-out…lifted some moments later operating SE of the field Departing back home to Bristol as of 1526

G-IANJ C150K departed to Aberporth at 1350 Approx routing over Templeton Area 1416 landed around 1425

Manorbier Range Movements:


Castlemartin Range Movements:


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