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Movements for 20th January 2009

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Haverfordwest Movements:

Something 15 possibly ” Redhead 15 ?? “routing into the field at 1130. Could someone PLEASE confirm this?? Drop us an email if you can.

G-BGXT Socata TB10 is returning to roost at 1204 from Shoreham

G-PJTM C172K II In the circuit at 1217 T&G – 1247 departed to the North East 1247…Back Inbound to land 1317.. Glide approaches & T&G’s 1320- 1345.. Departed 1443

G-OORV ? VansRV7 …Inbound at 1252… 1448 Departed

Army 015 Departing 1256 to unknown Destination

G-JMAL Jabiru UL-D Inbound from Shoreham at 1317

G-???? Inbound at 1617 to Land UnheardReg

Of Note: RAF Reptile Formation Hawks noted South East of the Field tracking north at 1330

Manorbier Range Movements:


Castlemartin Range Movements:

RAF Reptile Formation Hawks noted to and from the range on Low Level Exercise 1330.

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