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27th December 2008

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Haverfordwest Movements:

G-PJTM C172KII Departing HAV at 0940 Towards Cardiff

G-IMLI C310Q Departed Home at 0951 To the East. Possibly following G-TM

G-IFTS R44 Passing South of the Field to a Private Site near St Davids. 0952..lifting from St Davids at 1534

G-FANL C172K II Departing to the East 1022 returning after a run at 1027… Touch and Go’s 1300

G-AVJF C172H II Departed 1045 Local Flight Returned 1105

G-IANJ C150K Touch and Go’s 1052 – 1105

G-BSSB C150L Inbound 1125

G-BATW AA5 Inbound from Swansea 1132….1223 departed to Swansea

G-BWEG Europa Inbound from Dunkeswell at time 1154… Departed 1338

G-BRBV Piper Cub Inbound at 1157

G-BFOG C150M Inbound from a local Flight at 1235 possibly for Touch & Go’s. T&G `12551330 Departing to Narberth 1429 to head North. Local Flight.. Rejoin 1454

G-AZWB PiperPA28 Inbound from Kemble at 1306

G-BYBD C172H Inbound from the East 1312…Heading home to Derby 1421

G-PSHR Augusta Bell206 Inbound from the East 1416.. Running Re-Fuel to stop for a cuppa Tea…Departed Gloucester 1522

G-BPWR C172K II Circuits and Local Activity 1421

G-CECV VansRV7 Inbound from Caernarfon 1427 Departed for Caernarfon around Midday

Departing to the East 1514 Inbound Call not heard.

Of Note: G-PJTM Inbound at 1743 to Land on the Lit Runway of 21. Unusual to see a tin in the dark.

Manorbier Range Movements:

Chinook Noted active from the range heading North towards the Preseli Mountains. 1148

Castlemartin Range Movements:

:None Of Note:

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